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Company Policies/Terms & Conditions

Note: The validity of this proposal is one month from the date mentioned above. You can approve this proposal by affirming to start it in the same communicationthread. By approving this proposal/quote/scope of work, you agree to the followingterms of


Groble shall mean: “Groble Private Limited”; Client shall mean: “The Person/Firm/Company or
Authorized Representative who is receiving Service or Product.”; State shall mean: “Lahore (Punjab)
(Pakistan)”; Provincial shall mean: “Punjab Revenue Board”; Federal shall mean: “Federal Board of Revenue”; Product shall mean: “Software, Website, Mobile App, etc.”; Project shall mean: “Project as mentioned at Clause-2)”; Service shall mean: “Any work performed by Groble”; Cost shall mean: “Cost, Price, Fees, Investment.”; Upfront Fees shall mean: “Advance Project Cost. May be referred to as Advance Cost, Retainer Cost in invoices”; Payment shall mean: “Any amount paid to Groble”;


(a) The Client shall explain the details of the Product. Groble will analyze and understand the details
and prepare a list of features with a total cost and payment schedule, hereinafter called a Proposal, and the work identified in Proposal is hereinafter called a Project;
(b) The Client is responsible for validating all the features according to his business need before approving.


(a) All costs shall be calculated in USD;
(b)  The cost excludes all taxes. Provincial or Federal taxes will be applied according to the rate
defined in the Provincial or Federal Tax Laws. Taxes are exempted subject to the condition that the
payment is made and received in foreign currency to the bank account of Groble;
(c) The cost is exclusive of third-party plug-in/service monthly/yearly/one-time fees such as theme,
SMS gateway, and Credit card processing. The Client will be informed and charged accordingly;
(d) Any changes/improvements shall be chargeable at an additional cost;
(e) Groble will accept payment via Swift Transfer, ACH Bank Transfer, or eCheck;

02(f) In certain cases, Groble can accept payment via Credit Cards.
(g) The Client will pay any transaction fees incurred at the Client’s end;(h) (h) The Upfront Fees shall be 25% to 30% of the Project Cost if it is not mentioned explicitly in the
( i) If the business relationship is made via Upwork, all the payments shall be made according
to the policy of Upwork.


(a) All Payment(s) shall be non-refundable;
(b) In certain cases, if mutually agreed with Groble, Groble will only issue the refund against the paid Upfront Fees after deducting any provincial or federal taxes, fees paid to a third party, payments of sprints, price of delivered product and cost of completed Service(s);
(c) Refund claim shall not be accepted after the 3 months of the payment or the delivery as mentioned at Clause-10;
(d) The Client is liable to negotiate with Groble about getting a refund without involving any payment processor ;


(a) Groble will not undertake responsibility for any licensing or intellectual property issues;
(b) Groble will not undertake responsibility for any hacking for any reason. The Client shall be responsible for arranging the security expert.


(a) The Groble shall send the proposal, and upon approval of the proposal by the Client, the Groble shall
issue an invoice for Upfront Fees to the Client before the commencement of work;
(b) Client is liable to pay the cost according to the payment schedule. Any delay in Payment may result in halting the Project.


(a) It may be necessary for the Client to share proprietary information, including trade secrets, industry
knowledge, and other confidential information to Groble for Groble to complete the project as required
by the Client;
(b) Any proprietary information which is not known to the public and shared with Groble duly mentioned as CONFIDENTIAL, Groble will keep it confidential up to maximum one year or up to the time when it becomes public by anybody other than Groble.


(a) Under no circumstances shall either party be liable to the other party or any third party for any damages resulting from any part of the Contract, such as, but not limited to, the loss of
revenue or anticipated profit, lost business, or costs of delay.


(a) The Groble shall deliver the Project according to the work identified in Proposal. The Groble does not represent or warrant that the product will create any additional profits, sales, explore, and brand recognition or the like;
(b) The Groble has no responsibility to the Client if the Product does not lead to the Client’s desired results;
(c) Client shall not directly/indirectly offer a job or contract to the employees employed by Groble.


(a) Client shall validate the delivery against the scope within ten days. After that, the Project/Service(s) will be considered delivered, and Groble will issue an invoice;
(b) The bugs reported according to the scope within a month of delivery shall be fixed without extra charges.

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